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Formed in November 2015 by MK. As a small friends team, Pulse was the first known freestyle clan in Rocket League. Along with MK, the first members were Bram, Neazy, Knauf and Grappe. After some time however, the concept of both "freestyling" and a "freestyle team" evolved — and at the forefront of this was a new team called Nixus.

Led by QripT and including members such as JHZER, Stuxi, and Naslunder, Nixus was the first team to combine many of the best freestylers and editors in the community for the primary purpose of creating top-tier videos. Though the small Pulse Clan had previously uploaded a few measly one-clip-edits and similar, the successful emergence of Nixus inspired 'MK and friends' to up the ante.

Thus was born the glorious Top 5 Goals of the Week series, wherein the newly christened 'Pulse MK. @ Nixus' worked in overtime to pass for two teams at once, somehow appearing in nearly every clip on the channel. Anyhow, that didn't last nearly as long as it should have, because general teenage gamer incompetence caused the spotlight Team Nixus, as well as its emergency backup Team Rise, to both inevitably fail.

Following in their wake was of course Pulse Clan, who undoubtedly used the wonders of newly-released Top 5 Goals of the Week #10 to entice some of the best players and editors from Nixus to join the (refreshingly more mature) team. Meanwhile, a budding youtuber and SARPBC veteran by the name of JHZER had exploded in popularity through his YouTube channel, and his freestyle videos with Pulse MK became known in the entire Rocket League community and helped Pulse to gain more and more recognition up through 2017 and beyond.

While many more teams were made and eventually disbanded during this time, Pulse grew up as a loving family, putting wholesome values of friendship and respectfulness over carball-induced teenage avarice. At any rate, the team was proving to be successful, and a series of impressive teamtages as well as the incredibly popular Black & White Montage by Aimpunch cemented Pulse as the best-known and best-skilled Rocket League YouTube team to exist.

Over 2 years after the upload of Black & White, Pulse has retained this title, and despite a few small bumps and downtimes in the freestyling scene, the founded-in-2015 team is still going strong, pushing the creative and mechanical ceilings of Rocket League and inspiring the community.